List of the main criminal offences in the UK

Three main types of criminal offences exist under UK law. These are: 1.   Summary only offences; 2.   Either way offences; 3.   Indictable only offences. Summary only offences This type includes a range of lower-severity offences. These are only tried in magistrates’ court. The exception is when they are linked with a more severe offence that ….  Read More

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Keeping your business in order after Covid19

What happens to your business should the worst happen to you? That’s why succession planning and business wills are important.  Here are 10 other things to consider in a post Lockdown. world 1. Appoint someone to lead the reorganisation who has the skills and experience to deliver the expected results. 2. You must identify the ….  Read More

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What is “Power of Attorney”?

Power of Attorney is a legal document wherein a person gives another person an authority to make decisions for him or her. For example, giving someone an authority to act on your behalf in important circumstances (e.g. financial or medical decisions) means that you will be needing to provide a Power of Attorney for your ….  Read More

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Why should you do estate planning?

A guide from Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors on estate planning. See An estate plan is generally a series of documents that protect all of your assets and properties (estate) enclosed with specific instructions and details on: how you want to pass each of your estates to your chosen beneficiaries; those who will guard your wishes; ….  Read More

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Writing a will when not married

Laws of intestacy are a set of rules about who inherits what you own if you die without a will. Whether or not you are married, these laws will have very different effects. If you are married or in a civil partnership, your partner isn’t exactly legally entitled to anything if you die. On the ….  Read More

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