New Traffic Laws in the UK 2021

New traffic laws in the UK will affect millions of road users. These seven laws will come into effect in 2021 and include the expansion of clean air zones, which will add extra charges to drivers. This article will discuss the effect that the laws will have.

New Documents Required

Some of these laws are as a result of Brexit and although you won’t need an International Driving Permit, you’ll require additional documents when driving in European countries.

You’ll require a car insurance green card to demonstrate that you’re driving with a valid insurance policy. If your car is under 12 months old, you will need to carry your V5C logbook with you at all times while driving.

It’s important for people who will be driving in the UK to become familiar with the new laws. There will be penalty points for those who break these laws.

Even if you are unaware, you could face heavy fines for not following these laws. Even your insurance claims may be at risk, since some insurance companies may invalidate agreements in cases where the rules are not followed.

Laws Encourage Wise Use of Technology

The new laws restrict mobile phone use but encourage the use of devices and systems that improve driving. Loopholes which allowed drivers to use their phone to take pictures while driving have been closed. You can now be fined £200 if you are caught holding a phone while driving. You could also receive six penalty points.

Speed Assistant tools will become mandatory in 2022, once a driver is in a new car.

These tools let a driver know if they are going too quickly and will intervene if drivers continue going above the limit. Drivers could also receive fines if they park on pavements. This currently happens in London and will be extended to other areas.

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